Monday, November 21, 2016

Costs of Water Damage

Your house could be looking good and well maintained after removing all the flooded water that was caused by rain, melting ice, a burst pipe, a leaking roof or a washing machine. After you have dried out the water, all might seem well but the damage in the subflooring and fungus growing may go unnoticed. The cost of clean up and repair when the adverse effects of the water damage start being felt is extensive. Water damage is often underestimated and without proper mitigation and restoration may lead to a huge financial dent in repair costs. The effect of seeing your home crumble also affects homeowners emotionally because they worked so hard for it. Luckily, when noticed early; you can maintain your home in its pristine condition for years. There are some hidden costs associated with water damage, they include:

* Adverse health effects of mold, especially on children and the cost of removal and remediation. Allergies, respiratory problems and rashes may also affect those who live in the water damaged house

* Personal belongings destroyed like furniture, electronics and documents have to be replaced, insurance never covers these

* Water damage can ultimately destroy a house, making it inhabitable and it has to be brought down.

* It reduces the value of your home, when it's time to sell and an inspection gets done, the effects of a small leak can greatly reduce earnings expected from the sale.

Luckily, you can avoid all these problems by always preventing water damage and hiring a water damage restoration expert at least once a year to do a thorough inspection of your house, this not only detects and prevents water from damaging your house, it also protects your investment and ensures your family has a healthy place to live. You need to always protect your home, be on the lookout for any damage and call our team of certified contractors. Some of the red flags pointing to unseen water damage include:

* Walls and ceiling discoloration indicate that there may be a leak in the roof

* A musty, damp odor is an indication of mold growth beneath the flooring

* Fluctuations in the water usage and bill may be a sign of a damaged underground pipe, this if not sealed detected may lead to high excavation costs.

* Water marks on the carpet, increased humidity in the air may also be an indication of a leak

* When wallpaper and pain begins to peel, water has definitely seeped into the walls

* Soft spots in the attic and bowing of the ceiling is an indication of a leak or a broken shingle on the roof

We are the premier water damage restoration company that handles and rectifies all the problems associated with leaks and floods. We do restoration, mold remediation and removal, damage cleanup, odor restoration and plumbing to ensure your house is livable. Our contractors can also be called to inspect the house for any unseen water damage and consult on ways to prevent water damage. Our emergency response teams work 24/7 to ensure damage from floods and leaks in your house is minimized before restoration is done. You need to watch over your investments at all times, insure your house against water damage and when it happens call in the experts.


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